Barry Oshry

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Boston Ma. USA

Barry Oshry is a distinguished educator and a pioneer in the field of human systems thinking. His research, writing and teaching have focused on the human systems dynamics arising when people are in top, middle, bottom, and customer relationships with one another. He's been exploring with special interest the issue of "middles" in organizations, and he's written extensively on the subject. His research has also led him to investigate the dynamics at play when dominant cultures interact with “other” cultures.

He is the developer of the Power Lab, a weeklong total immersion leadership development experience, the Organization Workshop on Creating Partnership, and When Cultures Meet. He is the author of Seeing Systems, Leading Systems, and In The Middle.


Marcia Hyatt

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Lutsen, MN, USA

I am passionate about each of us showing up as the best of ourselves in all aspects of our lives. Having worked in leadership development for over 30 years, I realize we cannot be any better leaders than we are as people. I believe the way to grow our power, impact and joy is through awareness. I am committed to increasing the quality and quantity we each bring into our days. In addition to offering the Organization workshop (and complementary programs), I host personal retreats on the North Shore of Lake Superior as well as offering leadership development programs (many focused on women leaders). I also created a weekly radio show entitled “The Best of Ourselves” to help us live more intentionally.


Ben Taylor

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London, UK

My work, and my company, are dedicated to finding effective and human ways to make organisations, across the world and across sectors (but particularly UK public services) meet their customers' needs well and efficiently. I try to bring together organisational, process, human, and systems thinking - which of course is why I'm so attracted to the Power+Systems work. I love to think about and challenge the possibilities for organisations - and put them into practice.


Marsha Clark

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Dallas, TX, USA

Marsha Clark’s passion is supporting others in their personal and professional development. She is currently delivering a series of offerings to enable women to explore, discover and optimize their potential. One of the offerings, a 12-month program called the Power of Self, combines experiential learning and individual coaching, and provides an opportunity for women to gain greater personal clarity and a strategic framework for making more deliberate choices in all dimensions of their lives. Marsha has also co-authored a book with Dottie Gandy entitled Choose! The Role That Choice Plays in Shaping Women's Lives (Brown Books 2004) and has been featured in several other publications regarding accomplished women.

Prior to starting her own business in 2000, Marsha was a Corporate Vice President for EDS. In the last 14 years Marsha has worked with corporate clients such as Pepsico, FritoLay, Accenture, Alcon Labs, and Cisco. She has also worked with the University of Texas at Dallas and SMU School of Business. Marsha is currently developing programs with the University of Texas at Arlington.

Marsha serves on the Board of advisers for a number of organizations including Hardy Girls Healthy Women, Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance, and The Hill School of Grapevine. Marsha has a Masters of Science in Organization Development from American University in Washington, D.C.


Bill Wilson

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Phoenixvile, PA, USA

Bill brings over 40 years of experience in Human Resources, Training and Development, Management, Recruitment, Consulting and Sales to organizations looking for ways to create excellence and peak performance at all levels. A former client who said, “Bill is my business partner on human issues”, can best sum up Bill’s style and effectiveness.

Bill started his own consulting practice in 1995. He has developed and delivered training experiences for both large and small organizations, dealing with executives, managers & workers in a variety of industries. Using the Organization Workshop as a linchpin of his consulting, the focus of his work has been in: Leadership, Interviewing and Selection, Teamwork, Change Leadership, Communication, Listening, Building Trust, Valuing & Including Diversity, Performance Management, Organizational Effectiveness.

Bill has delivered learning experiences that engage and develop leaders in 10 different countries and for companies in the Fortune 100 to small regional organizations. He has worked in multiple industries including Insurance, Chemicals, Aerospace & Defense, Health Care, Heavy Manufacturing, Semi-conductors and Government Agencies.

What drives Bill is growth through learning. He loves collaborative process and is constantly seeking to create highly engaged human systems. His passion can be summed up in his motto Learn, Engage, Succeed.


Kevin Purcell

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Peoria, Il, USA

I have conducted more than 180 OW's over the past 25 years. I have done a variety of designs from 4 hours up to 3 days in length. I have also conducted 8 Power Labs for Microsoft leaders. I have been on staff for another 14 Cape Cod Power Labs. I have conducted 25 Merging Cultures workshops for Microsoft leaders. Finally, I have designed and developed a 3 hour "Space of Service: Effective Consulting" workshop based on Barry's material on the space of service. I worked for 10 years as Director of Org Dev for Microsoft form 1994- 2004. I also have worked, as external consultant, with Oracle, Storage Tec, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Sempra Utitlities, Memorial Health Systems and NICE Systems. My skill set, in addition to my experience with the workshops, is mentoring people to learn to do this work and also innovating designs based on the culture of the client group. Finally, I am most passionate about enabling people to see systems, see the part they play, and embrace the passion they have for owning their part of the world and making it better.


Maureen Clarry

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Greenwood Village, CO, USA

My background is in technology and business and I've worked for some large corporations including General Electric and EDS. In 1992, I founded a successful data management consulting firm. We quickly incorporated an organizational development component because we observed that projects are more likely to fail because of power, political and process issues than because of the technology. After attending Power Lab and becoming certified in the Organization Workshop and the Merging Cultures Workshop, the Power and Systems framework became a part of me and I couldn't shake it! The world looked different. I have co-facilitated over 100 workshops with a variety of clients in health care, financial services, high tech, higher education, federal, state and local government and non-profits. As a CEO for over 20 years, I had the unique opportunity to incorporate these system concepts into my own company as a manager, facilitator, service provider, customer and entrepreneur. As a wife and mother of 4 children, it also became a significant and positive factor in our family. I ultimately decided that I wanted to focus on sharing my experiences of this system framework so I successfully sold my company in 2010 so that I could focus on public speaking, teaching and consulting. I enjoy working with technology groups, business groups, non-profits and educators. I have done a number of keynote speeches and facilitated workshops at professional conferences.


Cynthia Shahen

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Wolcott, CT, USA

After many years in Academia and in my own consulting practice, I earned a Ph.D. in Organizational Learning and entered Corporate America where I have been for the past twenty-two years. My responsibilities include executive coaching, debriefing 360s, facilitation, intervention work, and training in an organization of 30,000 employees.

Of the many programs I facilitate, Leading from the Middle is a definite favorite. I have seen participants gain greater insight into their own worlds and recognition of the worth and power of partnership. The Organization Workshop has created a network of hundreds of change agents within the company. That has been very personally rewarding.

I am very proud to be a member of the Steering Committee of the World Wide Week of Partnership. It is such a worthwhile initiative on so many levels. The week of October 21, 2013 will provide each of us as members of the Power and Systems family an opportunity to give of our time and talent to those who may not to be able to afford our services. We will have a larger forum to help spread understanding of human systems so needed in this troubled world. It will help us become closer partners with one another and build new and lasting partnerships.

I believe that the W3P message will spread and grow into a worldwide initiative we’ve yet to envision. What an exciting journey we are about to begin together.


Donna Dibbert

Lancashire, UK

I am married to Carl and have 3 grown up daughters Louise, Alice and Eleanor. I am a Liverpool FC fan and go to home games whenever possible.

I enjoy running, yoga, cooking and travel with my family

I am passionate about developing sustainable individual and team performance within organisations. Creating space for the empowerment of individuals and teams to contribute to the possibilities of partnership and leadership. I bring experience from a wide range of areas including B2B and healthcare. I am a business development manager working for Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. I focus on both internal and external partnership to challenge the current working and to jointly create other possibilities for healthcare provision.


Alex Smith

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Auckland, New Zealand

I run BrittendenSmith ltd. a consultancy specialising in the development and strengthening of the relationships that enable organisations and individuals to be successful. We work with individuals, teams and across organisations, coaching, training and facilitating.

Our work helps you create trust-based sustainable business relationships whether you are selling, leading, providing internal services, partnering with others.

We work with individual leaders and their teams to create enhanced personal, collective and organisation - wide performance. We help leaders develop the mindset, awareness and capability to create the conditions for themselves, their people and their organisation to flourish.

We provide a systemic lens through which exec. teams can see and explore how to create the conditions for themselves and others to fully contribute to the success of their organisations. This systemic lens brings to life the unseen and unavoidable traps that top teams and their organisations fall into and offers strategies to guard against these debilitating traps. Our primary vehicle for this work is the Organisational Workshop.

BrittendenSmith ltd. was established in NZ in October 2012 having been trading in the UK since January 2006. We look forward to partnering with clients from our new base in New Zealand. Our clients in the United Kingdom come from a variety of private, public and not for profit sectors including: Alton College ( tertiary education), Anthony Collins- (Solicitors), Arup- (Engineers), Cornwall County Council, Lambeth and Southwark Social Services, LeasePlan, PricewaterhouseCoopers-(Accountants), Simmons and Simmons –(Solicitors), The Outward Bound Trust, UK Sport, VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas)

In addition to offering the Organisation Workshop, we provide the following services: Executive coaching, Business Development coaching and training, Bespoke Leadership development., Effective team development.


David Chard

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Taipei, Taiwan

David Chard, president of EngagingMinds, a Taipei-based leadership development consultancy, is a 35 year resident of Asia and a fluent Mandarin speaker. He has been deeply involved in training and development since 1989, when he first began conducting media spokesperson training and crisis team simulation programs for his public relations clients in the Asia-Pacific region.

David envisions creating a future filled with creative, conscious leaders who genuinely care about those they lead, and who strive to connect individuals with their natural inner drive and passion. He believes that a new generation of leaders who take a stand for partnership, who are grounded in the human dimension, authentically engaging their peers, is the key to a better world and a brighter future.

Recently, David has focused on developing the “Twelve Engaging Minds”, a comprehensive leadership development program that grounds participants in twelve distinctive lenses that are derived from the winning mindsets of the world’s greatest leaders.

In the past, David has consulted for a wide range of MNCs, including: Pfizer, Bayer, Microsoft, Unilever, Phillip Morris, Metlife, Johnson & Johnson, Lenovo, Avon, Marriott, Solvay, P&G, Sanofi, BAT, Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Novartis, New York Life

His current qualifications as a trainer / coach / facilitator include: Engaging the Future® Leadership Facilitator, Sizzling Storytelling® Trainer, Group Facilitation Methods, Open Space Facilitation, Certified NLP Practitioner, Action Learning Methods, Super Learning Methods, Certified Simulation and Gaming Designer, Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Coaching, Ontological Coaching (Executive Coaching), Appreciative Inquiry, Veteran Media Spokesperson Trainer, Veteran Crisis Simulation designer and facilitator

David is also a certified trainer of top 3rd party training systems: The Organization Workshop from Power and Systems, Applied Strategic Thinking, CMOE, TIPS2 Performance Coaching, CMOE, The Manager’s Compass, Root Learning, Civil Treatment, ELI, Inc.

Following a long career as a communications consultant to major corporations, Chard also brings a unique skill set in managing corporate reputation, including: Corporate Messaging Development, Corporate Communication Strategy, Crisis Preparedness and Response, Corporate Social Responsibility.


Phil Cady

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British Columbia, Canada

I am President of CLS West, and an Associate Faculty Member at Royal Roads University. Clients and colleagues know me to be a passionate, dynamic and experienced facilitator of large group learning activities, conferences and systemic interventions. I both draw and give great energy to whole-systems work in the service of healthy, productive relationships and performance. As a highly achievement-motivated person, I have worked with clients across all sectors within Canada, and abroad involving groups ranging from small teams to entire organizations. I am honoured and excited to contribute to the World Wide Week of Partnership!


Nancy Aronson

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Philadelphia, PA, USA

In partnership with some wonderful colleagues I’ve brought the Organization Workshop to education, healthcare, environmental engineering, and non-profits. It has been an essential component of a leadership program for women in academic medicine and women in engineering offered by Drexel University. It is now part of the Friends Services for the Aging Leadership Institute. I teach a graduate course on Systems Literacy based on this work in the Organizational Development Leadership Program at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Students find the concepts immediately useable in their roles as executive directors, managers, supervisors and service providers. Another area of deep interest for me is designing and facilitating large group, task-focused meetings that activate whole system thinking. For the last 30 years, I’ve partnered with leaders in organizations and communities to address strategic issues by engaging critical stakeholders in making decisions tha t are best for the system, not just individual interests. What I most appreciate about the concepts offered in Barry Oshry’s work is the power of seeing patterns. Once we see the patterns…once we see the dance…we’re better able to intervene to influence more productive outcomes, more of the time—without having to “pathologize” people.


Paul Mitchell

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New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

I’m passionate about creating the most meaningful and productive workplaces on the planet. What we call “the human enterprise”. We do this by transforming the way people Live their lives, Lead their businesses and Leave a legacy. We help to develop what we call “Leaders for Life” At the heart of our work is developing organisational cultures where “Everyone Leads” through a distributed leadership model.

We have worked with a variety of fast moving Consumer Goods Organisations, Financial Institutions, and Professional Service Firms.Multinational clients over the years have included such organisations as Unilever, Mars Corporation, Coca Cola, Reckitt Benckiser, Campbell Arnotts, Red Bull, Fujitsu, SAP, Alcatel Lucent, NEC, Franklin Templeton, and MAN Investments.

We have used both the “The Organisation Workshop” and “When Cultures Meet” both as stand-alone interventions and as part of longer term leadership development programmes. We find both exercises are brilliant at opening leaders minds to even more “possibilities for partnership” and collaboration across the total business. Additionally the experiential components make sure leaders get it at a “gut” level which directly impacts their leadership “mindsets” and how they can make a difference from any chair.

The human enterprise offer a range of services including: leadership coaching, leadership keynotes, team facilitation, and a variety of leadership development programs.


Angela Sebaly

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Expert in leadership development, talent management and organizational development.


Susan Stewart

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Susan is a passionate facilitator of positive whole system change. She is managing director of Golden Transformation, a Myanmar local company whose vision is for a Myanmar society that is sustainable and civil where many voices are valued and co-creating and where Myanmar comes to the world table as a positive contributing member. Susan has worked to develop local resources for organization development(OD) in Myanmar for 12 years, training and coaching OD facilitators, motivating the development of a Myanmar OD Network linked to the Asian OD Network, and advocating for and marshaling financial and technical resources for community, civil society, business, and government organizational transformation.

Susan believes the system sight the Organization Workshop brings to people is an invaluable aid to creating a society that grows and empowers partnership at all levels. She has seen this happen in families, small groups, communities, and organizations. The more we create and grow long lasting partnerships of mutual commitment to shared goals, the more we create possibilities for a future way beyond our wildest imaginings.

Currently, Golden Transformation provides OD and leadership development services to Myanmar organizations, often in collaboration with other groups and organizations. Concurrently, Susan is an associate faculty member of the Center for Creative Leadership APAC campus, delivering open enrollment and custom programs. Susan is also a veterinary Doctor who previously worked in holistic community and livelihoods development in Latin America and globally. She retains a strong interest and commitment to small farm families around the world, and to encouraging the kinds of partnerships that will eliminate poverty, hatred, and discrimination globally.


Jayant Damle

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Pune, Maharashtra, India

Jayant’s experience over the last 26+ years developing Business and Psychometric Software Applications and a continuous quest for knowledge in Behavioural Sciences creates a unique blend of Technology, Business Application and Psychometrics to provide value as a Leadership Development Facilitator, Consultant and Coach. In the past 10 years, Jayant has worked with executives from a cross section of Industries in India and Internationally. Jayant is a firm believer that “Behavior Determines Leadership Success” and is now focused on sharing his experiences and knowledge for Managerial and Leadership Development as a Coach and Leadership Facilitator.

As the CEO/MD of Chatur Computer Services Pvt. Ltd., Jayant has worked with numerous multi-national and public sector organisations in Banking, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Pharmaceutical, Educational, DOT COM and Research. He has been involved in design and delivery of various projects in a variety of functions, levels of complexity and technology platforms.

As the Director of Chatur Knowledge Networking Pvt. Ltd., he has actively worked with individuals and organizations in various leadership capacities. Over the past 10 years Jayant has focused on Assessment and Development for Leadership Development. He has worked with executives from Pharma, Packaging, Telecom, Metals, Automobile, Banking, Chemicals, Insurance, Bio-Technology, Alternate Energy, Consulting and Certification and Information Technology.

He has worked with Jnana Prabodhini’s Institute of Psychology, Pune to design, develop and implement various Psychometric Assessment products He has worked as the General Secretary of MENSA India for over 8 years. He works on assignments with Center for Creative Leadership (CCL, USA), as an ASSOCIATE COACH. He has worked closely with Dr. Pierce and Jane Howard,the authors of The Workplace Big Five Profile 4.0 to become a MASTER TRAINER on the WB5P. Jayant is a Certified Trainer on the Organisation Workshop (OW) developed by Barry Oshry of Power and Systems, USA. The OW is used by several organizations worldwide for Organisation Development.


Felipe Paiva

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Felipe is a partner at Artisan Consultoria, a Brazilian organizational consulting boutique specialized in change management, business alignment, and executive development. Artisan promotes strategic reflection on the challenges of dealing with change, while supporting individuals and teams during execution.

Felipe’s executive experience encompasses the fields of planning, marketing, finance and human resources in large Brazilian and multinational companies.

Felipe has been consulting with companies in a range of industries, including FMCGs, Banking, Mining, Media, Healthcare and Engineering & Construction. His coaching experience involves leadership development, executive, individual and team performance.

Felipe holds a masters degree in Coaching and Consulting for Change from HEC-Paris & University of Oxford, a Masters in Business Administration from COPPEAD/Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. He is a professional certified coach (PCC) by Columbia University.

Felipe has multiple assessment qualifications and experience. He is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish, and has an advanced level in French.

Felipe pioneered the introduction of Oshry’s work in Brazil and works in cooperation Barry Oshry’s network of consultants.

Clients describe Felipe’s style as challenging, supportive, and consistent.

Felipe lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  • Designing and facilitating large group interventions to foster alignment and commitment to deliver sustainable results.
  • Supporting clients in identifying adaptive challenges and creating programs and projects to address them.
  • Supporting change processes at organization, team and individual levels.


  • Ten years of consulting experience, including four years at Fator Consultoria, a consulting boutique.
  • Five years in senior positions in strategic planning and human resources.
  • Wide experience across FMCG, mining, media, banking and heavy construction in Brazil and Latin America.

His clients include organizations as diverse as Coca-Cola, L’Oréal, Lafarge, Banco Santander, Vale, AngloAmerican, Alcoa, BHP Billiton and BG Group.


Grady McGonagill

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Brookline, Massachusetts, USA

30 years of experience as independent consultant focus on leadership development (workshops and coaching) priority on addressing sustainability


George Hall

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West Chester, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

I am a Senior Partner in Creating Partnership Inc., a management consulting firm focused on delivering the finest leadership training and development utilizing forward-thinking, cutting-edge tools and models that produce extraordinary results for our clients and customers. I leverage the best practices of traditional leadership and management models, while at the same time addressing the shortcoming of these practices in the current business environment. I introduce new tools and models, which go beyond current management school thinking, to create whole new levels of organizational performance and productivity. I have an MBA from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. I completed a Post-Masters Certificate in Leadership Development at The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, a global leader in executive education. I have 15 years experience teaching business and management courses. I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, non-profit charities, and both private and public universities. I am currently pursuing a graduate certificate in ‘Evaluation and Applied Research Methods’ to better measure the impact of training programs in Japan and China. The dynamic cultural demographics in these countries makes it imperative to understand the importance of cultural sensitivity and cultural responsiveness in applied research and evaluation settings.


KwangHyun(kevin) Kim

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Seoul, Korea

I am interest in an organization growing with participants and society. I am working as a consultant of Leadership and Change Management in Korea. Major clients are Samsung, LG, SK, and CJ etcs.


Jeff Boudro

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Medway, Massachusetts, USA

I am passionately engaged with my groups of Marketing, Merchandising and Staples Brands group to help the them be a high performing team and to support the HR needs of the broader group of associates who are involved in bringing the business to life. I joined Staples 16 years ago to create Staples University. Since then I have worked in several roles in training, communications ,video and satellite broadcast productions and organizational development. Prior to joining Staples, I worked with a variety of organizations including: Abraham & Straus, Bamberger’s, Macy’s, Jordan Marsh, Child World, BJ’s Wholesale Clubs, Putnam Investments, and BankBoston. Overall I see my role as helping individuals , teams and organizations improve effectiveness and sharpen their focus on the customer. I also feel strongly about making the work I do participant-centered. I try to create a hands-on, practical approaches to ensure that participants gain valuable knowledge and skills that enable them to take action. I enjoy adventurous travel and the outdoors. I especially enjoy anything that involves handlebars or gravity.


Rick Rocchetti

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Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Rick is a member of the NTL Institute for the Applied Behavioral Sciences. He is also the Organization Development and Training Manager for the City of Raleigh, where he is the lead change agent helping the City address the major transformational challenges of becoming a mid-sized city, becoming more participative, increasing service responsiveness, implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning process and dealing with the issues of succession and talent development. In addition to leading his development staff and in partnering with six trainers from other departments, he is also responsible for over 20 consultants in addressing these challenges His academic background includes undergraduate degrees in Management and Marketing from Bluefield State College, dual Master’s degrees in Religious Education (Adult Education) from Fordham University and Organization Development (AU/NTL) from The American University. Rick has held positions of responsibility in a variety of organizations, from the City of Raleigh to GlaxoWellcome (now GlaxoSmithKline) and from the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh to JM Family Enterprises (Toyota and Lexus Distributorship for the Southeast). He is also an independent consultant whose work focuses on leadership development, executive coaching, strategy, culture and teams. His client list includes Duke Corporate Education, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Kenan Institute for Ethics, GlaxoSmithKline, Gilead Sciences, Novozymes NA, Stiefel Pharmaceuticals, Ryder Logistics and Transportation Solutions Worldwide, Red Hat, North Carolina State University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the Carolina Center for Public Service, the Sonja J. Stone Center, Morehead Planetarium, TRIO, HCAP and the Maternal and Child Health Public Health Center), Wake Forest University, North Carolina Department of Revenue and the Auto Sport Gallery. His strategic alliances include ties with Duke Corporate Education, the Duke Fuqua School of Business, Leading Solutions East, One World Music, Creative Leaders, Inc., Kenan Institute for Ethics and First Step Management (UK) in order to deliver products and services to a wider audience. He is on the board of the Learning Consortium. He volunteers at the Shepherd’s Table Soup Kitchen and is a coach for the Caldwell Fellows Program at NCSU. He and his wife have one daughter.


Brenda Yamkowy

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Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

A recent graduate of the Masters of Arts in Leadership program from Royal Roads University, I have been an leader within the "Not for Profit" community for the past 12 years. I am passionate about finding effective ways for organizations to provide programming and services with limited resources. The "Organizational Workshop" affords us the ability to see the patterns of the systems within which we work and provides understanding and clarity to common workplace dynamics.


Lorna Rickard

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Longmont, Colorado, USA

During the last 12 years as an external consultant, I have become a trusted partner in leadership, team and organizational development in city, state, and federal governmental agencies as well as at many large, highly-regarded organizations. I believe that work is an integral part of our humanity – an avenue for contribution and a mirror through which we understand ourselves in relationship to others. As such, I’m passionate about creating workplaces where individuals bring their whole selves and are able to contribute their creativity, reason, and energy in concert with others. The Organization Workshop optimizes this process and has been a vital part of my contribution for over 10 years, having co-facilitated over 100 workshops during that time. It is fundamental to how I view the world and my place in it. I am honored to stand with this exceptional group of trainers, bringing these powerful concepts to the world.


Doug O'Loughlin

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I am passionate about giving permission to people and organisations to be extraordinary. I have been in the field of OD for 25 years and am currently a Principal Consultant in the Singapore Civil Service College, part of a wonderful team of people that are supporting all of the government ministries and agencies in their leadership and organisation development.


Anne Litwin

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Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Dr. Anne Litwin has been a consultant to organizations and a coach to senior managers for more than 30 years in the USA and internationally in India, England, Europe, China, Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, Tanzania and Mexico. She has been the C.E.O. of her family retail business and is past-Chair of the Board of Directors of NTL Institute. Dr. Litwin specializes in leadership development, change management, diversity and inclusion, cross-cultural leadership, team coaching and women’s leadership development. Her clients have included: Aera Energy; Boehringer Ingelheim; Chevron; EMC; Siemens; Hewlett Packard; Microsoft; EDS; Texas Instruments; Hasbro; Parsons; Cummins; Berlex Labs; Lucent Technologies; Verizon; Agilent; Novartis; Intuit; Allianz; Pfizer Pharmaceuticals; The Union of Concerned Scientists; Community Catalyst; Health Care for All; Third Sector New England; the Maryknoll Sisters. She is co-editor of the book, Managing in the Age of Change, along with numerous journal articles. Dr. Litwin recently completed research and a book on patterns of relationship between women in organizations entitled, Let’s Be Women Together: Women’s Relationships at Work -- The Good, The Great and the Ugly (in presss). Dr. Litwin believes that each stage of life and/or turn of events opens opportunities to ask new questions and discover new sides of ourselves – if we have the courage to grab the moment.


Bill Miller

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Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

I shall never forget my introduction to Barry’s work. In the mid-1990s, we had a fellow from the USA working with us on a project when he handed us the book The Possibilities of Organization and asked if we had heard of it or this guy, Barry Oshry. We hadn’t. . . but we were blown away with the simple profundity of that work. We saw ourselves in it. We saw our own organization in it. We saw client organizations in it.

We made contact with Barry and Karen and eventually invited them to South Africa where Barry ran some OWs for us. I participated in the first one, watched the second one, got some individualized tutoring from Barry before the third one and helped co-facilitate that one. (Barry must have cringed at those first stiff and bumbling attempts!)

I’ve never looked back. The OW has become one of several world-class offerings through my business—The Centre for Interactive Leadership. I love running it. I love to see people’s eyes light up when they begin to see their organization and their roles in it through a different lens. I love how it connects with the reality people experience every day in whatever organization of which they are a part. I love the renewed vigour with which they return to their organizations determined to explore “Door B” choices.

I’m delighted to be part of the W3P in an attempt to bring the insight and inspiration to more productive individual choices from the OW to organizations here in South Africa that add a tremendous contribution to our society.


Mellisa Clark

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I live in Kuala Lumpur and deliver leadership development programs in the Asia-Pacific region both as a private consultant and as an Associate Faculty for the Centre for Creative Leadership. I am a firm believer in the ability of the OW (Organization Workshop) to provide valuable insights and perspectives and enjoy watching it work its magic.


Sarah Janicki

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Philadelphia, PA, USA

My passion, and the arena in which I apply my greatest verve and vigor, is creating the conditions for healthy families. My professional career has included providing mentorship and support to middle school children, working to break the cycles of homelessness and poverty while at Dignity Housing in Philadelphia, and most recently joining Women Against Abuse to help end domestic violence in our communities. In order to better serve the population and missions I believe deeply in, I returned to school and obtained my Masters of Science in Organizational Development and Leadership from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2011. In 2012, I received my certification as a trainer for the When Cultures Meet Workshop. I have worked closely with other Oshry trainers over the past 2 years to support future OD leaders in their efforts. I look forward to continuing to influence individuals in our shared work of supporting and developing safe, supportive, and healthy communities.


Claudia Wilkinson

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Holland, MI, USA

As a Program Development Consultant at Haworth, Inc., a global leader in the design and manufacturing of the office furniture and Organic Workspaces located in Holland, Michigan, I bring nearly 20 years of human resources experiences that spans talent acquisition, organizational development, employee relations and design and delivery of employee and leadership development programs. Through each of these experiences, I look to infuse my broad experiences coupled with a passion for maximizing technical and behavioral strengths of individuals and leaders that yields effective teams and profitable organizations. The Organization Workshop creates the ideal opportunity for others to see the common patterns and pitfalls of the systems within which we work and provides understanding and clarity to common workplace dynamics.


Bill Altena

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Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Dedicated training professional with diverse experience in both retail and manufacturing organizations. Over the past 13 years have had the great opportunity to deliver a wide range of training to over 5000 members from entry level employees to executive managers. A true believer that individuals almost always have the answer and our role as training professionals is to help them uncover it. Focused on driving change in organizations, one person at a time. The Organization Workshop is one of the very few courses that truly change your mindset about the culture in your organization.


John Watters

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Brighton & Hove, East Sussex, United Kingdom

John is a Fellow of Future Considerations and Managing Director of Living Leadership. John’s work focuses on how to be human on a full-time basis and live life on purpose; something he endeavours to do for himself as well as for his clients. He specialises in working with complex challenges that involve multiple stakeholders;stakeholders; creating the conditions for fundamental shifts in performance and realising personal and organisational purpose. John is a leading authority on Barry Oshry’s systems leadership work. He pioneered the introduction of Oshry’s work into Europe. John accredits trainers in all of Oshry’s frameworks and runs workshops in all aspects of his work world-wide. Clients describe John’s style as challenging and warm-hearted, rigorous and inspiring. He lives in Brighton & Hove, UK, with his partner Jane and their three teenage children.


Tim Stanyon

Kent, Ashford, United Kingdom

Who am I? .An experienced coach and facilitator who loves to work to (re-)connect people to their passions. A consultant with a wide variety of experiences working across many sectors and at all levels in organisations. A courageous partner who works with you as a thought and change companion. What do I do? As an executive coach I work with you using a mixture of approaches including ontological, somatic, and gestalt. As a facilitator I bring an authentic presence and a sensitivity to group process coupled with a broad understanding of business issues. As a consultant I bring a balance of energy and determination to resolve stuck problems together with an approach which builds independence not dependence. And I use all these in combination to release the energies, passions and creativity of the individual and the group to help co-create sustainable solutions which make a real difference and deliver business and personal benefits. I am passionate about poetry and story telling and continue to bring more of these to my work.


Rob Kramer

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Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

Since 1998 Rob Kramer has provided executive coaching, consulting and business training for a variety of organizations, specializing in public, non-profit and academic leadership and team development; and has consulted with organizations in the U.S., Europe, Central and South America, and Africa. Rob has served more than ten years in academia, most recently as the founding director the Center for Leadership & Organizational Excellence at NC A&T State University. Prior to that he was the director of Training & Development at the University of North Carolina (UNC), where he served as an executive coach and organizational development consultant, overseeing management, supervisory and leadership development for the University's 12,000 faculty and staff. Rob continues working in faculty leadership development at UNC’s Institute for the Arts and Humanities. Recognizing the critical need for a daily tool to support succession planning and emerging leadership development, his new book is entitled “Stealth Coaching: Everyday Conversations for Extraordinary Results,” which provides real world and easily digestible strategies to efficiently introduce coaching in the workplace. Rob is delighted to have recently lectured at a TED conference, where he spoke on The Opposite of Stress. The presentation can be viewed at Rob is an executive coach for the Center for Creative Leadership, an organization ranked among the best executive education providers in the world. He is also an adjunct faculty member at the Federal Executive Institute, the premiere executive leadership training facility for the Federal government, where he teaches in both the residential and customized programs. Additionally, Rob has lectured at Yale University, the University of Virginia, Duke University, NC State University, and the University of Colorado, among other academic institutions. Rob’s background is also steeped in his experience working at the Omega Institute, where he learned from the likes of Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ram Dass, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, Babatunde Olatunji, Glenn Black, Bhante Wimala and others. He is a seasoned practitioner in meditation, yoga, cycling, performing art, healthy cooking and work/life balance.


Alesia Latson

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Sharon, MA, USA

Alesia Latson has been studying and practicing the art and science of leadership and organizational development for over 20 years. Through expert facilitation and personal coaching, she has developed hundreds of leaders at all levels to expand their management and leadership effectiveness as well as their leadership brand. She is appreciated for her insight, creativity, and her exceptional skills as a facilitator and coach.

Her depth of experience in working with senior leaders and groups allows her to recognize and offer solutions for personal and organizational success. Her perspective is truly a global one. Alesia has worked with clients in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, England, Canada, Switzerland, France, China, Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Ms. Latson received her M.A. in Training and Development from Lesley University and her B.A. in psychology from the University of Illinois. Based in Boston, she is a former adjunct faculty member of Lesley University and Bentley College and is currently a faculty member at St. Joseph’s University. She is a frequent guest speaker at Babson Executive Education, MIT Sloan School of Business, Simmons School of Management, Boston College and the University of Michigan Ross Business School and serves as an executive coach in Harvard University’s Professional Leadership Development Program.

She co-authored More Time for You: A Powerful System for Organizing Your Work and Getting Things Done.


Lily Bowen

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Connecticut, USA

[Information to be supplied]


David Green

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Maine, USA

David’s passion is bringing out the best in people and organizations. He is comfortable working with executives, middle managers or front line workers, technical or professional people. He is co-owner of the Ward Green Group and Senior Consultant and VP Marketing for Humanitas Workforce Management. David works annually at the Power Lab and is a certified Organization Workshop trainer. Prior to starting a business in 2005 David spent over 30 years in a variety of roles including engineering, IT, operations management, project management and organization development. David has worked in the UK, Canada and the USA, managed operations with 300 people, led teams covering North and South America, and has worked on several successful global projects. David has a degree in Production Engineering from Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland, has a Certificate in Organizational Development from the NTL Institute, is a Certified Executive Leadership Coach, a Certified Life Coach and a Registered Maine Guide. David is active in the local community: Past President of the Rotary Club of Bangor, Assistant District Governor for Rotary District 7790 (Maine & Quebec) and is Secretary & Treasurer of the Charlotte White Center.


Paula Wilder

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Virginia, USA

Paula has served many non-profit organizations in her O.D. consulting career and would be privileged to join the community of people supporting the world wide partnership initiative. "I'll block that entire week out to support the important work of people who are dedicated to making the world a better place." For more information on Paula, you can go to


Nancy C. Wallis

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Los Angeles, California, USA

Nancy C. Wallis, PhD works with organizations committed to enhancing leadership capacity within individuals, executive teams and throughout organizational cultures. With 30 years’ experience as senior leader, management consultant, executive coach, administrator, professor and mentor, Nancy specializes in leadership development that enlivens mindsets and reframes challenges as transformational opportunities. Selected as a founding Action Inquiry Associate, Nancy is an authorized and highly skilled user of adult development theory and the Global Leadership Profile, blending this approach into her teaching and consulting. She is a member of the Academy of Management, incoming Chair of the Doctoral Consortium for the Management Consulting Division and regularly presents at conferences and industry events. Nancy teaches at Pitzer College in Organizational Studies, in the MBA programs at Pepperdine and Danube universities and is a Center for Creative Leadership faculty member. Nancy is recognized for her work with senior executives and their teams to improve their efficacy in leading change and organizational learning in alignment with organizational goals and desired outcomes. Current executive coaching clients include medical doctors committed to enhancing their leadership presence, influence and impact with their staffs and colleagues. Among her favorite approaches to increasing leadership capacity she leverages systems thinking using Barry Oshry’s Organization Workshop. This Power Lab allows participants to experience and explore how they use power and influence and new ways of seeing and making sense of how they contribute to the system dynamics within which they contribute. Nancy enjoys incorporating this powerful learning design within off-site leadership workshops and retreats.


Serge Pegoff

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Brussels, Belgium

I help large companies to obtain employee and management support during difficult change periods. The OW is an important and differentiating element in these large projects. I am mostly working with high tech companies, banks & insurance companies, I work also often for large IT departments in diverse industry sectors. I am passionate about Middle integration.


Thomas Sullivan

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Massachusetts, USA

I have been doing work in large scale change/organization learning and leadership development around the world for the past 20 years through my work with Innovation Associates, Arthur D. Little and the Society for Organizational Learning. The Organization Workshop is a powerful foundational element and I have used it extensively in the diverse environments of the World Bank, the IMF and the American Red Cross. The program serves as a real tipping point moment for most teams and individuals and can be adapted to be used in a variety of settings. I think it is really cool of Barry and Karen to ensure that the workshop can be shared in this way and simply thinking of a Worldwide Week of Partnership.


Zory Rosario

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San Diego, California, USA

Zory Rosario is an organization development expert with over fifteen years of experience in the areas of teambuilding, strategic planning, organization assessment, project management and conflict resolution. Her approach includes connecting with the individuals that comprise an organization in order to understand intrinsic values, help them become successful, and improve their overall performance. She is an innovative trainer, with an emphasis in design and facilitation targeting employee development. In her work, she maximizes human potential by focusing on leadership effectiveness, management and organizational development, and strategically managing human resources. In addition she is certified in 360 degrees feedback instruments. She is also certified as a Competent Communicator by Toastmasters International and Bilingual (English/Spanish). Currently she is a Senior Associate with ZGroup, Inc. as well as an Executive Coach with the Center for Creative Leadership. She is presently working with the County of San Diego as an Expert Professional facilitating a Learning and development project called Bootcamp. She has provided services to the following organizations among others: Pepsi-Cola /Frito Lay; Starbucks; Nestle; Costco; Microsoft; Coach; Kate Spade; William Sonoma; T-Mobile; Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas; City of San Diego-Environmental Services Department; UCSD -Thornton Hospital; Continental Maritime; Levimex – Mexico and the Central Office of Personnel Administration - San Juan, Puerto Rico. Zory firmly believes in a holistic approach to life. She is passionate about finding balance in life by tuning into the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional energy. She is very interested in protecting the environment and anything related to sustainability, green and eco-friendly in order to leave a healthy world for future generations. She is affiliated with the Ricky Martin Foundation. This is an international organization that works towards the elimination of child trafficking as well as the exploitation of minors. Her hobbies include Yoga, Pilates, and Triathlons.


Kathy Tracey

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Guernsey, UK

Kathy is the founder and MD of The Learning Company, an award winning company based in the Channel Islands, UK. Kathy has a Masters in Education from Exeter University, is a Member of the IoD and a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD. She has a passion for learning and development and she brings great energy to her workshops and her coaching practice. Kathy loves inspiring people to achieve their goals and live their dreams. Kathy is also a Guinness world record holder. She was part of the first women's fours crew to row across any ocean unassisted, a story she uses often to prove that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.


Helen Duguid

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Berkshire, UK

Helen Duguid is a distinguished coach, facilitator and designer of leadership development solutions that enable positive change. Formerly, Head of Great Leaders for Microsoft UK and EMEA she started her own business in 2003. She has a reputation as a catalyst for change, stimulating and challenging leaders and organisations to be the best they can be, whilst playing to their strengths. Her quest for continuous development and learning led her to reconnect with Barry and Karen’s work in 2012. She first experienced the world of top, middle, bottom and customer in 1998 whilst at Microsoft and is thrilled to now be certified in The Organisation Workshop on Creating Partnership. Helen has delivered a series of programmes in the past 18 months for 300 senior and middle managers of a leading technology firm that is now named among Fast Company’s “World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies in Finance”. Helen is also applying the methodology in her coaching practice that includes leaders from a rich and diverse portfolio of companies including Microsoft, NICE Systems, The BBC, The Co-operative Group, London Business School, Circle Housing Group, UCL and Egon Zehnder. Helen is also a faculty member of the UK's leading coaching organisation with accreditation from the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC).


Alida Zweidler-McKay

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Houston, Texas, USA

Through one-on-one coaching, leadership development programs and customized consulting to teams, I work with managers and teams to build productive partnerships, and enhance skills in strategic thinking, delegation, and communications. I am passionate about seeing organizations as systems using a variety of models that help us understand common patterns and find new ways of working together. I have invested in over 10 years of personal and professional development with the Systems-Centered Training and Research Institute, founded by Yvonne Agazarian, where I'm currently studying authority relationships in groups, and what helps and gets in the way of members taking up their authority.


TZiPi Radonsky

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Port Royal, South Carolina, USA

Power & Systems has influenced the way I work and live in the world. I no longer see personalities, I see systems and feel empowered with possibilities. I know that when the intention is to build partnerships, a core teaching of OW, we make time to have conversations that open doors to productivity. The OW experience is simple and deep offering long lasting learning. I love using the teachings, being a part of the experience and am looking forward to co-facilitating an OW for Greensboro Jewish Federation


Sophie Parker

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Port Royal, South Carolina, USA

Sophie Parker, principal of Sophie Parker & Associates, LLC, is an executive coach and organization development consultant whose leadership training is grounded in experiential learning. Deeply steeped in and connected to Gestalt theory and practice, Sophie gives clients new ways to perceive and resolve obstacles, identify strengths, and use this knowledge to meet their goals and attain their vision. She has worked with executives and management teams in energy conservation, investing, manufacturing and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as public service and education. Her contribution to public service, education, and civic organizations has resulted in transformative change and funding acquisition. In addition to actively promoting the Professional Associates at GISC, Sophie runs the Boston Facilitators Roundtable Experiential Lab which uses simulations to teach leadership and team-building skills. She is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and in a robust team coaching model by One21Five. Sophie believes that the Organization Workshop is one of the most powerful and effective experiential programs in the world today. She is proud and honored to be able to bring it to the world of NPO organizations to give them system insight to support their powerful work. She wishes to thank her presentation colleagues for this World Wide Week of partnership: Jeffrey Boudro, Alesia Latson and Mary Grimes Finley.


Jeanne Hardacre

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Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

My work with teams and organisations aims to release the potential of the partnerships and relationships between people to enhance impact. My leadership and development work is with individuals, teams, organisations and whole systems, often spanning health, social and 3rd sectors. Connecting Sheffield Together aims to build thriving partnerships and highly effective community leadership in Sheffield. To improve our local economy, our health and our communities, we need to connect together in new and innovative ways. This event will show you how!


Teresa Comey

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Teresa Comey is an independent Organizational Development Consultant, experienced business instructor and facilitator. In her private practice Teresa has identiied leadership competencies, developed leadership strategies, led change management, strategic planning, communication planning, team development, board development and performance coaching. Teresa has coached teams in the sectors of project management, govcmment, private and public sectors. Teresa is committed to the functional alignment of human systems and organizational strategy. She has served 6 years on the Board, 3 years as President, of the BC Organizational Development Network. Since 2003 Teresa has been part-time faculty, instructing organizational behavior and business management courses at BCIT. She is also an instructor ln the UBC Sauder School of Business Project Management programs, where she has been involved with program and curriculum redesign and writing program materials for both the classroom and online programs. Teresa has a Masters of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University. Teresa holds the designation Certified Senior Organizational Development.


Sue Henley

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Slough, United Kingdom

*Information to be supplied.*


Andrew Miller

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Ontario, Canada

Andrew Miller Ph.D. MBA For more than 27 years Andrew has designed and facilitated leadership development programs. The incredible depth and breadth of his knowledge and experience make him a truly exceptional facilitator. His post graduate studies includes work with the faculty of the top ranked business schools in North America such as Harvard, Wharton, MIT, Stanford, Duke, Darden, Booth, and Columbia. He is an ICF Certified Executive Coach and, over the last 15 years, he has completed three of the most respected intensive coach training programs. The exceptional quality of Andrew’s work has been recognized with numerous international awards and he has been featured in a number of different national business publications. As a real testament to the unique quality of his work, Andrew has taught leadership to MBA students from ten different business schools. His pro bono work includes working with ambitious young professionals in organizations such as the Harvard Business School Alumni For um and NextCEO.


Tammie Plouffe

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Ontario, Canada

*Information to be supplied.*


Liz Bullard

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Colorado, USA

*Information to be supplied.*


Peter Labrie

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British Columbia, Canada

Combines science, common sense, and consciousness to generate quantum improvement in performance of individuals, teams, and organizations. Transformational change for public and private sector organizations through clear planning, assertive communications, diligent project execution, and strategic client relationship management. Through creativity, collaboration, and with a keen eye on emerging trends within the leadership space, has built a reputation for making leadership – in all of its forms – engaging and applicable for everyone. Extensive experience, working in different cultures, organizations, and countries. Areas of professional interest and experience include: - Leadership development, coaching, strategic and analytical thinking - Strategic planning, visioning, road-mapping, program and project management - Communications, storytelling, creativity, change management, conflict management - Organizational effectiveness (people and systems), leading teams, adult education - Facilitation, research, and stakeholder engagement - Large group methods, mission clarification, systems integration, team building.


Colin Wilson

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Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

I am an experienced business leader, consultant and coach focused on delivering long-term, sustained improvements in business results. My expertise and passion is working with business leaders - helping them get the best out of themselves, their teams, and their businesses. I have over twenty-five years international business experience and prior to coaching and consulting held a number of senior management positions in operations and project delivery. My clients are typically aspirational, values-based businesses with a passion for customer service excellence - people that believe the best way to sustained business success is delivering outstanding value to their customers. My role is about being a catalyst, helping people unlock potential, finding new ways of thinking and doing business that will bring lasting success. Helping people develop 'systems sight' is central to much of that. Having first read Barry's book, Seeing Systems, almost twenty years ago, I still marvel at the rich insights it brings to the reality of life and work in organisations.


Lisa Pyke

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Prince Edward Island, Canada

Newly certified and open to assisting others gain experience and enhance ability to deliver quality OW


Pamela Knight

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Huntsville, Alabama

Dr. Pamela Knight is an International Coach Federation certified coach and leadership program facilitator who brings more than 30 years’ experience as an organizational leader to her work as an organizational development professional. Having served in senior leader positions for many years, she understands the issues leader’s face and has a passion for helping leader’s discover their own skills and tools to resolve leadership issues to achieve mission critical results. Clients as well as organizational decision makers value her innovative programs and processes. She is gifted with the ability to network within an organization to develop win-win leadership and development activities for the employees and the organization. She is a people person who cares about the people and the organization they represent.

Coaching Expertise:

  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Communicating with Diverse Styles
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Succeeding in a Changing Work Environment
  • Engaging Strategic Leadership
  • Effective Team Dynamics
  • Managing Conflict and Complexity
  • Helping Leaders Define their Purpose
  • Using Language to Inspire and engage others

Casey Hellawell

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Alberta, Canada

Casey is an experienced Human Resources practitioner and Leadership Facilitator. His passion is assisting teams improve their performance and helping organisations deepen their knowledge and understanding of systems.


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